Thomason Auto Group Posse

Chris Thomason

General Manager
 Phone:  541-668-6799

Evie Figueroa

Office Manager
 Phone:  541-668-6799

Nick Vidaurri

Tour Guide
 Phone:  541-668-6799
 Cell:  858-405-2281

Paris The Office Pup

 Phone:  541-668-6799

Sam Peltz-Smith

Finance Manager
 Phone:  541-668-6799

Chris was raised in the auto industry, his career began with washing cars at his fathers Ford store at the young age of 10.  Since that moment he knew the car industry was right for him. Chris has dedicated himself to his work, making sure every customer leaves happy with the car they choose.  He grew up in Portland Oregon and moved to Bend after high school for the same reason many come here; the lifestyle, outdoor activities and amazing people.  In his free time he enjoys taking his girlfriend and two young daughters skiing, swimming or boating.  Chris always has an open door policy and addresses all concerns first hand.  If you have a challenge, Chris can overcome it.

Evie has done it all throughout her career from, title work, office staff, internet sales, incentive management and now as our office manager!!  She has a lovely little girl and loves living the central Oregon lifestyle.  Evie enjoys making her own furniture in her off time and has a very creative soul.  She truly is dedicated to her work and family and it shows in her everyday life.


Nick is a true customer advocate, known as a tour guide instead of a salesman in the Bend community; he truly just shows people what we have to offer as opposed to using typical salesmen high pressure tactics.  Nick has worked for other dealerships in town but wanted to work with customers at a more personal level at a smaller store, where he can truly connect with people and show them what they want in their next purchase.  Nick enjoys spending time with his two little girls and wife in his off time, such as going to the lake in the summer or taking his family on a snowshoe adventure in the winter. CALL OR TEXT his cell at ANYTIME!

Welcome our newest addition to the team, PARIS!!! She is a fiesty little Frenchie who loves to greet our visitors! Come Visit her today!

Sam grew up in Portland Oregon where he started in the auto industry.   After a childhood in Portland he was eager to leave for an outdoor lifestyle.  He assisted customers as a sales associate for a long time and did such a fantastic job that he was promoted to Finance Manager.  Sam specializes in getting clients the best possible financing options no matter what their credit situation is.  Sam enjoys mountain biking and snowboarding in his off time or taking is puppy for a walk in one of Bend's great trail systems.